For Educators

Let’s spread our excitement about the world of science!

STAR techniques are all about better delivery of education. We’d love to help you incorporate the art and interaction into your syllabus and let you tap into our years of experience through our researchers.

Specializing in the sciences, our enthusiastic students visit classrooms in your area, with a focus on more engaging teaching and resources for your high school age pupils.

We’ve been influential in many pilot programs, empowering high school and college students to embrace the technology and multi media that has been available for years, but underutilized in traditional education settings.

For us, we hope to connect with young talent, inspiring a life of learning ahead with some bright minds ultimately incorporating our work into their own.

We encourage participants to quiz us during events, with engaging picture posters and interactive organizer talks to really show how it’s done.

To get involved, contact us here. We’ve got a gallery full of samples for your to peruse prior to setting us an event, and we’d like to point you towards the Office of Science Outreach at Stanford if you’re interested in learning more about researcher opportunities.

Exhibition Partners

Stanford University

The original home of STAR was Stanford University, and also the previous home of this website.

Many early events happened on campus, and enabled original coordinators to meet and develop ideas, growing STAR into the movement it ultimately became.

Cañada College

Located close to Stanford, Cañada College has worked closely with STAR relating to their MESA program, the Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement.

Independence High School

San Jose’s popular Independence High School has collaborated with STAR to incorporate presentations into the itinerary for their student science classes.

Stanford Splash

Stanford Splash is an initiative for education for students, by students. Splash worked with STAR in 2016.

Los Altos High School

Los Altos High School’s AVID scheme comprises their efforts to prepare all students for college and the world of work. Advancement Via Individual Determination has improved acceptance rates for their student’s applications for colleges and universities.